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Don't wait till you want things built to call!!

Scheduling is important. When I first started my business I heard two established reputable contractors talking over the contracting desk at a local supplier. They were talking about people always wanting their project done right away. The jist I got from eavesdropping on the conversation is that "you should be wary of contractors that can do your project right away". These guys are busy and shrugged off the thought of being able to take on any more work, especially right away. Not saying that certain circumstances don't come along that create openings in a schedule. But if your thinking about having a project started, its best to start planning and scheduling ahead of time.

There are two critical variables to any construction project, budget and timing. Being able to successfully coordinate the two requires effort of both the contractor and homeowner. The more time we have in designing and sourcing out of materials and sub services the smoother a project will run. This also goes for design. Its good to have a thoroughly thought out design and process established before showing up onsite. This allows for a smooth transition between design, site layout and construction.

If your interested in building and unsure of the costs of a new outdoor living space its ok to ask questions. Even if you haven't thought of a budget, or are just entertaining the idea of a new build. I can offer some services to steer you in the right direction. I do free estimates, but my quotes do require a lot of office time, so they do have a price tag. However, if you go ahead with building your project, I take the price of the quote off the final invoice. So essentially your quote is free, just not initially. I found two reasons for doing this, it gets rid of tire kickers who are putting my quote up to another contractors. The problem with this is when comparing quotes you must ensure your comparing apples to apples. There are so many different materials and build styles. Some builders just meet code. I build in a way that is overbuilt, far over the code requirements, shorter spans, larger members, more piles, etc. But for me my second reason is, it shows me a level of commitment from the homeowner, if your willing to spend $300-$1200 on a quote for a custom outdoor living space that gives me some reassurance that you are ready to build, and maybe not for the current build season but maybe the next year.

So, if your interested in me designing and building your outdoor space, its good to get a hold of me ahead of time. Feel free to text, call, chat via my webpage or email. 1-403-633-0766,

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