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Maybe you don't need a big deck

Maybe you do. Optimizing your outdoor space is important. Having one large deck hosting an abundance of square feet can feel large, but after considering the amount of unused space, maybe a bunch of smaller decks each with their own purpose would be better, hoping you have the yard space of course. Laying out a any number of smaller decks and/or patios joined by transition space is a concept I've been thinking about. Consider having your main deck, probably your cooking area/outdoor kitchen, closest to the house for winter cooking and easy cleanup joined to your dining area by a small walkway, perhaps changing levels, stepping away from your house. The most commonly considered spaces for outdoor living are Cooking, Dining, Lounging, and an entertainment/leisure area such as a hot tub or bar.

Then we get into features, the simplest of which I commonly build are stairs, skirting, fascia, and privacy walls. But there are many more, there are fire features, water features, accent walls, lighting, ponds, swimming pools, hot tubs, landscaping, hardscaping, fireplaces, fire pits, and many more. And lets not forget about pergolas and gazebos, especially if you want to get outta the sun, rain or away from the bugs.

Designing a deck is a interactive fun process. Taking the time to design where your deck goes and how big it needs to be can allow for an optimized space. Remembering that your deck does not need to be attached to your house. You can have any number of smaller decks joined by walkways or bridges. Laying out these decks in a way that lets you utilize the space in between them to showcase some art, a big rock or perhaps a feature. You could also consider having greenery, bushes, shrubs, maybe a fountain or bird bath in these small spaces. Creating a space between each area joined by transition spaces that hose decorative elements is a thoughtful way to dress up your outdoor living area and give it depth. A combination of 2,3, or 4 decks and patios joined together will create an experience while you move about your outdoor living space.

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