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Knowledge is meant to be shared!!

Sometimes I feel like I need to keep knowledge to myself in order to keep an edge on other builders. Going out and taking it upon myself to learn about new products and materials has always been a task of mine. Constantly going about suppliers yards and web pages looking for the newest quality product. As my designs and creativity get more and more complex I find myself intrigued by the capabilities of computer automated design. Its a new rewarding way to be creative. Allowing me to create some of my design ideas and concepts without having to build them outright.

I pride myself in knowing a fair amount about the decking industry. Its a true passion of mine. Had I not had the opportunity to build my oldest sister a deck years ago, who knows what I'd be doing. Just like anything else I suppose, the more you do of something the better you get. So it began, I really paid attention to what I saw as deficits. Learning new ways of layering material to hide fasteners and cut board ends was a top priority of mine, it made things look finished and added depth.

So i'm going to try this "Blogging" thing as a way to share some of my knowledge about the decking and outdoor living industry with my followers. Hopefully providing in site into how to build better decks and maybe helping people get an understanding of the materials, fasteners and styles that are out there.

Throughout my posts you will gather an understanding of how I got to where I am and how truly rewarding it is to be creative.

Is this a blog?????

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